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ELS-Script® is a comprehensive reporting solution that can be used in both: server-based or server-less platforms, to deliver paper-oriented and web-based reports. The report template is based on Open Document Structure utilizing DHTML and XML document standards.
The software package with its new release of version 3.0, comes with a new breed of report engine equipped with HTTP 1.1 compression, an intuitive SCRIPT language, a visual DHTML Report Designer, a SCRIPT Editor (with full IntelliSense support), a Query Builder, a Datashape Builder, an extended SQL Editor, as well as, several other important tools.
We encourage the public to download the trial version of the entire package for the purpose of study and evaluation.

ELS-Script Report Tool Product Overview
In today's competitive business world, real time information sharing and web reporting is a key to successful marketing. Imagine your customers, suppliers, managers, sales reps and technicians all sharing information presented via online and interactive reporting across the Internet.

ELS-Script® Report Tool provides an affordable resolution to serious web reporting, enabling any organization to transform critical enterprise data into shared information presented in both traditional paper-oriented reports, as well as interactive web-based reports.

Unified Architecture
ELS-Script® software system consists of several modules corresponding to various stages in the cycle of report creation, integration and deployment. In particular, these stages may involve the creation and design of report templates, the diagnosis and compilation of the report templates into secured binary report files, the integration of the run-time report engine with host application, and the generation of the report output at run-time.

Report Design: The report design utilizes a completely open report template structure based on an intuitive, SQL-flavored SCRIPT language. Such an open document structure makes report authoring extremely powerful and flexible enough to integrate relentlessly with XHTML, CSS, XML, XSL, XSD, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, VML, SVG and ASP.NET.
Data Support: ELS-Script® Report Tool supports a wide variety of databases via OLE DB and ODBC, including full support for MS-SQL Server, MS-Access, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL and FoxPro. It also supports direct XML data processing via the built-in XML Object of the SCRIPT language.
Report Deployment and Delivery: ELS-Script reporting services may be deployed in both server-based and server-less platforms. In the server-based case, report delivery may be achieved via interactive page by page viewing across the web, as well as bulk printing or exporting via built-in HTTP 1.1 compression.